Sustainability isn’t just about managing our forestry operations; it’s about how we manage our entire business. It starts in the woods with the most modern silviculture and harvesting techniques, guided by our own professional foresters to ensure we take only what we need and what we know we can use and sell.

We take great pride in operating a zero-waste facility. Bark and shavings from both the sawmill and the planer mill operations are used as components to make up the Biomass. They are also sold as bark mulch to landscapers and shavings as bedding to farmers. We also burn biomass in our own co-generation facility, providing power to our entire operation and to homes and businesses within a 30 km radius.

For us, sustainability also means providing stable employment and economic benefits to the local economy. We’ve been a mainstay in the community for more than 70 years and our eyes are always on the future for new opportunities.